Coalition for West Rehoboth

The Coalition for West Rehoboth (CFWR)

Our Purpose

The Coalition for West Rehoboth was formed to improve the quality of life within the West Rehoboth community by creating and promoting quality development, beautification projects, organizing and/or supporting community events in the area, and to promote overall community betterment.

New report about Rebuilding West Rehoboth from WMDT 47 News - Delmarva's Choice

November 2008 northwest aerial view of West Rehoboth--Source: David Kenton (click to enlarge)

History of West Rehoboth

The Beginning of West Rehoboth

Charles Mills, a Quaker, came to Rehoboth after World War II to manage a cannery. He bought land in the area and eventually became a successful farmer. Mr. Mills noticed that the families of the cannery workers and the men and women who worked in the hotels and restaurants to provide services in the growing resort town of Rehoboth Beach could not find housing.

Mills then subdivided one of his farms into 50' by 175' parcels to create the developments of Shockley and West Rehoboth in order to sell these lots to the service families of the Rehoboth community for $70.00 a parcel.

This Historic mostly Afro American Community has continued for over 130 years and its residents are proud but struggling to maintain their homes and neighborhood in this ever changing economy right outside the city limits of Rehoboth Beach.

West Rehoboth's Historic Sign (click to enlarge)

Better Living Through Planned Communities

In 2008/2009 the Coalition for West Rehoboth, Inc. was organized for the revitalization of West Rehoboth community for the residents, who reside there.

The Coalition for West Rehoboth, Inc., a 501©(3) in good standing (Tax Id # 27-0286346), was organized in the State of Delaware and qualifies as an exempt under its section of the Internal Revenue Tax Code for its work in revitalizing this Historic Community.

The “PLAN” calls for each Organization of the “Coalition Family” (which you can read about in this Website) to take a piece of the “PLAN” which envisions a thriving community where people can live in a pleasant neighborhood, raise their children and retire...A neighborhood free of crime, poverty and substandard housing conditions. One with street lights, sidewalks, playgrounds and well-maintained homes at an affordable price.

In other words, transform West Rehoboth into a moderate, vibrant American community.